Fish farming site using cylindrical tank system in Qin Sui He, Guizhou


The fish farming industry in China was predominately regulated by state and local government allowing local fish farmers to set up fish nests in public water including water dams, rivers, lakes, etc. It is the dominant source of freshwater fish for both domestic demands and exports. Since the clean water policy was implemented in China in 2017 by the central government under President Xi Jin Ping, the state and local governments are tasked with cleaning up local water sources and banning all fish nets and fish nests in public waters. Under China’s government clean water policy of “retreating from lakes to lands” for fish farming, we believe that this presents to us a great opportunity for introducing our land-based recirculating aquaculture systems(RAS).



Our first-generation RAS, container system, was introduced as a new and extremely simple way for local fish farmers to breed fish in Xing Yi, a city of Guizhou, and also known as “container fish farming for dummies”. Generating up to 35 times of fish harvest per square meter compared to traditional fish farms in lakes, it also conserves the ecosystem of lakes, reduces local poverty, and protects the species from natural disasters.



In 2018, we accomplished the development of our 2nd generation RAS, cylindrical tank system, which generates over two times of fish harvest of container system yearly, and have strategically partnered with CIMC to launch 4 new Sites using our 2nd generation RAS in Guizhou.



In the coming future, we plan to expand our services to outsides of China, such as Taiwan, US, Japan, and Thailand, through building our land-based RAS demo sites and fish farms which not only promote the environmental benefits of our land-based RAS but also let the public participate in our fish farming business.



NOCERA is committed and dedicated to making a greener world. We believe our land-based RAS represents a large-scale, environmentally friendly and economically feasible form for bringing clean fish to the table and bringing clean water back to the people. In our opinion, our services are cost competitive, reduces water pollution and recycles fish waste and will help make for a greener China and better world in the years to come.