We intend to offer a full range of services to aquaculture companies and new aquaculture projects throughout the world to increase revenues, reduce costs, operate more efficiently, increase production, obtain expertise, operate more strategically with new diversified aquaculture species but most importantly to reduce water pollution and decrease the disease problems of fisheries. From the fish farm to the table, we ensure you clean water and clean fish. Our experience and innovation from working closely with our clients in the aquaculture industry in China give us the competitive advantages to provide innovative aquaculture management solutions that will generate a positive and lasting impact for all qualified investors and our future client companies.


We believe that our offerings of services provide the following:






Design, install, build and manage aquaculture investment and projects for qualified investors or part of an investment group who is interested in the great potential of the aquaculture industry and whom want to develop or take part of a new commercial fish farming or shrimp farming project but lack the experience.


Economic analysis for the development of opportunities both for commercial aquatic farming and recreational fish farm parks.


A full range of pilot and management services to aquaculture companies and new aquaculture projects throughout China and potentially international.