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Nocera’s innovative land-based RAS, combined with its expertise in engineering,
are the answers to a rapidly increasing global demand for high-quality seafood.

Patented RAS Technology & Design | Cost-efficient solution | Utilize pure oxygen

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US Publicly Traded Company

Trading Symbol: NCRA



We offer a full range of land-based RAS services to aquaculture projects. From the farming to the table, we ensure you clean water and clean fish.


Currently, we have 7 sites approved for Taiwan and we are working closely with Solar EPC companies like JV energy technology company on future solar sharing fish farms.  In 2024, we plan to expand into the Americas.


Inexpensive and Simple compare with EU, American makers.

Second Market Value

Easy Installation

Can be reused and moveable at the second site. 

Only 3-5 hours of installation time 

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