NOCERA is committed and dedicated to making a greener world. We believe our land-based RAS represents a large-scale, environmentally friendly and economically feasible form for bringing clean fish to the table and bringing clean water back to the people. In our opinion, our services are cost competitive, reduce water pollution and recycle fish waste, and will help make for a better world in the years to come.

The fishing/fish farming industry in the Asia Pacific region was predominately regulated by governments allowing fish farmers to set up fishnets in public water including water dams, rivers, lakes, etc. It is the dominant source of freshwater fish for both domestic demands and exports. However, the forms of netting and harvesting in the industry are uneconomic and generate continuous supply issues. In order to address the problem of sustainability, we believe it is a great opportunity for us to promote land-based recirculating aquaculture systems ("RAS").

By 2020, we have launched 6 fish farms using our systems. We are currently expanding our services from Taiwan to the United States and globally, by building our land-based RAS demo sites and fish farms .