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Fish As A Food Of The Future - This Company’s Low Cost Solution Is Ready

Fish have become an increasingly popular food with over 3 billion people relying on it as a source of protein.

Its great health benefits — being both low fat and full of brain-nourishing omega-3 fatty acids — also make it popular for a generation of increasingly health-conscious consumers. How can a fish population be ensured for the growing market without draining the oceans or ruining ecosystems?

Nocera Inc. (NASDAQ: NCRA) is one company investing in fish as a food of the future. An innovative company producing recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) tanks, Nocera focuses on helping smaller fish farmers acquire its inexpensive tanks that use the latest technology to make fish farming efficient and eco-friendly.

Ocean degradation has been a serious environmental concern for decades, but it is hard for land farms to achieve comparable yields while maintaining the health of the fish. RAS tanks provide a solution by being more sustainable than ocean fishing and more efficient than land farming. One Nocera tank can replace a farm pond and has 80 times the production capacity. It also recycles 90% of the water and can have solar panels installed above the tanks for maximal energy conservation.

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