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Platinum Strontium International Holding and Guidance Enterprise listed on NASDAQ, from Times Square

▲NOCERA Zheng Dong participated in the closing bell ringing ceremony on the world stage NASDAQ: NCRA (Times Square, USA). (Photo/Provided by Platinum Strontium International)

From Times Square in New York, I saw a Taiwanese accountant organize his own team including accounting, auditing, lawyers, and reverse operation of stock business.

Lin Changping, CEO of Platinum Strontium International Holdings Co., Ltd., said that at 4:00 p.m. New York time on September 29, I accompanied NOCERA Zheng Dong to participate in the closing bell ceremony of NASDAQ and stepped onto the world stage. NASDAQ is an important exchange in the world. It is located in Times Square, New York. This is the first time for every business owner, and it is also the dream of many business owners. I admire that Zheng Dong can go public on his own without the help of others. Zheng Dong has also become the most important strategic partner and consultant of Platinum Strontium International Holdings on NASDAQ.

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